For me it’s really wrong to show everyone which version of apache you have installed and other informations, many crackers can use this info to make attacks to your web server, so it’s will not be bad to hide them, this is really easy all you must to do is open httpd.conf file with vi command “vi httpd.conf” and find “ServerSignature On” replace On with OFF at next line add “ServerTokens Prod“, thats all restart apache server and enjoy your server version will not be available not in headers nor in error pages.

It’s really easy to control linux OS from windows by using remote desktop.  all what you need is several free software and done. first of all you must download SSH client I recommend Putty its free and really nice soft you can download it from here “” second step is to login with SSH as root and install VNC server with cent os you can do this with this command “yum install vnc-server” also you must recheck that you have installed Gnome Desktop this is important if you don’t have you must install it too ” yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop Environment” ” you also can use KDE&XFCE, now edit xstartup file “vi ~/.vnc/xstartup” it must be like this one and plus -Find the section where it says twm & and replace it with your choice. I know there are more, but these seem to be the most popular ones. Don’t include what I have in the parenthesis

-startkde & (used for the KDE window manager)
-exec gnome-session & (used for the Gnome window manager)
-startxfce4 & (used for the XFCE4 window manager, my favorite choice)

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