October 2011

Top High Quality Web Directories

List of most popular directory sites where you can submit your site:

Dmoz – Free web directory one of the most quality directory in world, owned by Google.
Yahoo Dir – Costs 299$ year helps to improve trust from Yahoo and google too.
GoGudes – 39.99$ for one time.
Gimpsy – Support free submission, if you want your site to be approved in 30 days 29$ and if in 4 days 49$.
JoeANT – 39.99$ one time fee.
Skaffe – accept free submission and 49.99$ for paid.
www.web-beacon.com – Accept only paid submission 39.99$.
www.wowdirectory.com – Life time listing 43$.
uncoverthenet.com – starting from 159$ for lifetime listing or 59$ yearly.

Delete Duplicate Rows In Mysql With PHP

duplicate_COLUMN – Name of column and $dup[‘column_name’] delete duplicates which include same column data.

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