Inbound Outgoing Links

In the ranking algorithm of, one of the most important factor is inbound links. This is very simple principle: if page 1 links to page 2 this means that page 1 giving his recommendation to page 2, the more site links to your site, the better your ranking, but you must understand that only large amount of inbound links are not everything, quality of inbound links is important too. Links which contains keyword for which you want to get high ranking is better then link with keyword for example: click here, click or etc.

Inbound links are important factor in search engine optimization, but outgoing links also have some impaction on your web site. Some times links to other web sites showing your visitors that your site can be trusted, of course if you are sending your visitors at page where they can found negative information about your site, you must make attention at quality of web sites you are linking, for example if you link at, or visitor will associate your site with these high quality sites. You must not be afraid that you are sending visitors to other sites if you don’t make this visitors visitor will go back to search engine, but if you send this visitor to some other sites this sites probably send visitors for return.

How To Get High Quality Animated Gif In Flash

You make animation and want to save it into GIF file, you have exported it as animated gif but quality is bad ? you can easily use this method to get better quality animated GIF from flash.

First of all make animation, now click on Publish Settings(Ctrl+Shift+F12), check Gif Image(.gif), from Formats tab go to tab GIF, into Playback: check Animated and and into Palette Type: choose Adaptive, set max color for example 99999 or leave it, recheck if into Options are checked Optimize Colors and Smooth and click Publish, now you get better quality animated GIF image. You can use this method to create banners or some small animations.


Most Popular Domain Extensions

.com domain is registered much more then 1,300,000,000, this number is only google result for .com extension, this is most powerful domain in over the world any web master who starting his site, choosing .com domain, then if site will be popular he will bay another extensions like .net .org or country domains like .de .jp and others. If you starting your online business better to choose dotcom but if not available then you can register dotnet or dotorg domain, or domain for your country like dotde or dotjp.
Google results for some domain extensions :
This number not mens how many domains registered, this is only numbers how many site are indexed in google with this domain extensions, but this showing more popular domain extensions perfectly.

JavaScript And PHP

For example you want to use javascript in php and want to get for example alert message with this javascript code

Now how to use it in echo here is example


By this time popularity of VPS(Virtual Private Server) are growing, but many people don’t know what is it is.
VPS is between the Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server. VPS is like Dedicated Server, you can restart it, configure it, install some programs and etc, but VPS are using some number of users (for example 4, 6, 8 depends on hosting company), VPS is better then shared hosting, but if you want to make large portal best of all is Dedicated Server, VPS can have low speed and glitches. Biggest problem of many webmasters which chooses VPS, is companies which presenting it. better whey is to choose large popular old companies, which have presented hosting many years ago.

Why Dedicated Hosting?

If you’re reading this article, you might be interested in getting a dedicated server, or simply learning more about dedicated hosting services.

First of all, please note, that a dedicated server is rather expensive service, and you shouldn’t waste your money if you don’t plan to use it in full measure.

But if you really have a serious website, and want to run a successful business – you cannot do it without a dedicated server.

Of course it’s just mere words, so let’s enumerate the facts!

Freedom and security

Dedicated server will give you a freedom. You will not need to share it with other websites. It will also give you additional 3rd party security for your site and emails. A dedicated server will allow you deep access to your server to configure and optimize your server anyway you need. You’re able to choose the software to install.

Power and functionality

With a dedicated server you get on average 50-100 Gb of hard drive, plus about 1,000 Gb of data transfer. You may customize the configuration and choose any CPU, RAM, or whatever you need. A dedicated server reduces your dependency on the web host; and bypasses time delays and possible expenses incurred from these.


You simply CAN NOT run a popular website on a shared hosting. It’s not serious.


If your website turned into a popular and reliable resource; if you have tons of daily visitors; if you work B2B; if you need additional security and functionality, power and freedom – go ahead and buy a dedicated server. Don’t be sorry about the money you spent! Think about the future!

Flash & W3C

W3C & Flash

Few days ago, I was worked on design of my site, I wanted to include flash slide show into it, I added flash normally. my work was perfect, everything worked fine, but W3C has founded some error in my site, this errors were because of flash <embed> element, later I have read this blog, here is written about, one of the most used and popular technique, how to add flash movie in your content with W3C specification.
This technique is simple, <embed> element was created by Netscape, it’s not part of the XHTML specification and because of that W3C has found there errors. We can remove <embed> element and all will be ok there will be no errors, but movie will be displayed only in IE, not in Mozilla or Netscape what to do ? here is example Read more

Google PR (Page Rank)

Here is minimal description of it, PR is popularity of web site, which measured from 1 to 10 ,if some other site linking at your site, your popularity will growing and with him Page Rank. this is like a vote, if you want for the president one of the candidate you will vote for him, this vote will help your candidate to win, like this is PR, if at your site linking web pages they are voting for you at Google.

The name PageRank is a trademark of Google. this system is most popular in search engines, If you get high listing in Google, you’ll get high listing at other search engines to. this is small review of PR if you will have some questions feel free to comment and I will be glad to help you…

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