Unity 3D Web Player for Linux

linuxunityUnity 3D working normally with linux but there is no any browser plugin for it, this is small instruction how we can use it in browser using different tools.

first of all we need to install pipelight which we will use to run unity 3d web browser plugin, to install it use this command (this is only for ubuntu distros if you want to install it on other distros visit this official website http://fds-team.de/cms/pipelight-installation.html)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pipelight/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install –install-recommends pipelight-multi
sudo pipelight-plugin –update

after this use this command to enable unity

pipelight-plugin –enable unity3d

so now everything is installed and ready, just open terminal and type firefox and check game which you want to play for example https://www.loglod.org/play-game/11551-soccer-drop , I have tested it here so you can also check this, here is more if you will need  it https://www.loglod.org/play/unity-3d-games

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