InfluxDB PHP

Install Influxdb, and start it. After start we should create user After we should edit influx config file on CentOS /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf Find and replace volumes in http section restart influx db Now in php to insert data

To read data from database

make sure you have changed database,username,password

Recover Broken Mysql Innodb Database

This tutorial can be used to recover data from broken mysql, for example if you get error

or any other

MySQL fetching the first row instead of all

This problem normally occurs when your forgetting to place array into container, for example

We will have in this situation only first row not others, top get all rows we must use while() loop

using while loop your getting all rows you can save them into array and so on.

Delete Duplicate Rows In Mysql With PHP

duplicate_COLUMN – Name of column and $dup[‘column_name’] delete duplicates which include same column data.