LAMP Server Arch Linux

This is tutorial how to install Apache,Mysql,PHP on arch linux.

First of all lets update arch linux:

Now we can continue, install apache server:


you will see something like this:

I’m recommending mariadb so click 1, before starting mysql we need to initialize the mariadb data directory and after start it:

now to create password for mysql root user type:

arch mysql password


install php and it’s apache module:

open apache config file

and comment this line

by adding # at start, after at the end of document add

click CTRL + O and CTRL + X

and add this lines

click CTRL + O and CTRL + X

restart apache,

now create php file and add into it:

navigate to this file, for example localhost/index.php

php info arch linux


Now to install PHPMyadmin

edit php.ini file and uncomment some needed extensions

also search for base_dir and make sure it’s like this

now open

add at bottom

restart apache

you can access phpmyadmin using http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Thats all last step if you want LAMP stack to be started at start-up us this


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