Install NGINX Mod PageSpeed

install nginx mod page speed

Installing mod_pagespeed on apache is simpler then on nginx, here we should build nginx from sure with mod page speed, I will write down how to do this on ubuntu but this may work on any other distro

first of all we will need to install dependencies

after lets set mod page speed version at this time it’s


now get mod page speed from github and unzip

we also need psol lib

now we can download nginx configure and install it

now you need to activate mod add below code into nginx.conf(/etc/nginx/nginx.conf) below listen 80 line and create tmp directory and set user to it

after this you should have everything installed, but when we building nginx from source there is no upstart script, create file /etc/init/nginx.conf and insert this in it upstart script from nginx website

now you can start nginx using simple command

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